OFCCP Announces Affirmative Action Program Verification Initiative


August 25, 2018 - The OFCCP issued on Friday August 24 Directive 2018-07 “Affirmative Action Program Verification Initiative” aimed to determine a process to ensure contractors are preparing and updating their AAPs.

The new initiative comes because of concern by the OFCCP that many contractors are not fulfilling their legal obligations to develop and maintain AAPs annually. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that “close to 85 percent of contractor establishments did not submit a written AAP within 30 days of receiving a scheduling letter.”  The GAO has made the recommendation to the OFCCP to develop a process to monitor AAP development by covered Federal contractors.

The OFCCP is working to develop a program to verify federal contractors are complying with AAP obligations annually.  The program will include:

  • Development of a process whereby contractors would certify on a yearly basis compliance with AAP requirements.
  • Inclusion of a criterion in the neutral scheduling methodology increasing the likelihood of compliance reviews for contractors that have not certified compliance with the AAP requirements.
  • Compliance checks to verify contractor compliance with AAP requirements.
  • Requesting proof of the AAP by contractors when requesting extensions of time to provide support data in response to a scheduling letter.
  • Development of information technology to collect and facilitate review of AAPs provided by federal contractors.


Speediware Corporation will continue to monitor this new initiative and provide additional details as they become available. But with this new development it is even more important to ensure AAPs are up-to-date.