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File EEO-1 Report

As part of the Affirmative Action process, companies must file an EEO-1 (Standard Form 100) report each year prior to September 30.

SpeedEEO provides the information you need to create and file the EEO-1 report on the Job Group Analysis report that is created when you purchase your plan.

You can file your EEO-1 report online by clicking the link below. You can find more information about the EEO-1 requirements in the EEO-1 Instruction Booklet.

  EEO-1 Report Instruction Booklet

  Sample EEO-1 Report Form

  File EEO-1 Report Online

File Vets-100a Report

A VETS-100a report must be filled annually prior to September 30 with the Department of Labor. The report must be filed by any company that receives a Federal Government contract of $25,000 or more; or any subcontractor who receives a contact for $25,000 or more from a company with a federal government contract.

You can file the VETS-100a report online by clicking the link below

  Dept. of Labor FAQ on VETS-100A Report

  Sample VETS-100A Report Form

  File VETS-100A Report Online

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