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Sign up for a SpeedEEO Account without Obligation

You can get started using SpeedEEO without obligation. You simply need to create a new SpeedEEO user account. After creating your account, you can immediately start creating your first Affirmative Action Plan.

To create a SpeedEEO user account, you need to provide some basic information such as contact name, address, and phone number. You also provide an email address, which becomes your Member ID that you use to log into SpeedEEO and a password of your choosing. After submitting your information, you will receive a validation key via email that you enter into SpeedEEO to validate your user account.

Remember, SpeedEEO is free to use as often as you like, you only pay when you are ready to generate your Affirmation Action Plan reports.

Checklist of Data to Get Started

Here's a list of information you will want to have when you get started preparing your plan in SpeedEEO. This information is generally available in an HRMS or Payroll system.

SpeedEEO can import Excel files or CSV files which will save a lot of time, however, data can still be entered manually if desired.

  • List of work locations and their zip codes (zip codes are optional but quite helpful.)
  • List of salary grades.
  • List of departments.
  • List of job groups (SpeedEEO has help with this information.)
  • List of job titles and their salary grade, work location and EEO-1 category (SpeedEEO can help you decide the EEO-1 category.)
  • List of the number of employees for each job title within each department and location. The employee information must contain gender, and ethnicity as defined by the EEOC.
  • This document describes the data file export that would provide the information needed.

Free Technical Support

All SpeedEEO users receive FREE technical support during normal business hours using one of the available support options.

  • Online Chat - Click the Chat button found on each screen.
  • Phone - Call: 972.304.4544
  • Email - support@speediware.com

SpeedEEO Consulting Services

We provide custom consulting and outsourcing services to fit the needs of each company.

  • Data Import and Cleanup - We can import your data directly into SpeedEEO.
  • OFCCP Audit Support - We can help you prepare all documents required for an OFCCP audit and help your company through the process.
  • Outsourcing - No time to do your plan? We can create and maintain it for you.

Contact us for more information on custom SpeedEEO consulting.